Mexico has over 90 million people. Unfortunately many factors are now contributing to worsen the economic situation for a majority of the people. Over the last two years inflation has run rampant and the economy continues to decline. The collapse of the Yucatan's hemp industry, new government policies on land distribution, severe devaluation of the peso, rapidly escalating unemployment required for receiving international loans are causing increased hardship and unrest.

As of January 2003, the exchange rate on the dollar was just over 10 pesos. 33% of men and 50% of women earn less than the minimum wage of $3.50 U.S. per day. This hardly provides subsistence for an individual, let alone a whole family, and makes even primary education and basic health care unavailable to many in our Sister Parish.

Many of the women find ways to supplement family income by making hammocks, selling bread or tacos on the street, raising vegetable gardens and poultry, embroidering, cleaning houses, taking in laundry, etc. Again, these jobs are neither very profitable or steady.

Beans and tortillas are the staple foods of our villagers, supplemented by local fruits and vegetables and occasionally eggs. Meat, cheese and milk are rarely affordable luxuries.

Let us remember our Sister Parish in our prayers.Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Sister Parish.







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